Eemax electric tankless water heaters can solve any residential water heating challenge. While the applications are diverse, the function is simple… deliver hot water when and where you need it.

Reliable Precision Heating Technology

Eemax has developed products that can provide safe, reliable hot water for hand washing applications, as well as heavy duty safety showers. Customers know they can count on Eemax to have the right technology for every application. We provide hot water where you need it, when you need it.

The Right Water Heater

Eemax offers a variety of residential water heaters that can handle point of use or whole house applications. It’s easy to make a selection knowing that we have the right products for every application.

Be Confident in Your Decision

With 25+ years of experience and over 1,250,000 units installed, no one knows tankless water heaters better than Eemax. Our water heaters are recognized and recommended, and if you have any questions or problems, dedicated customer services representatives are ready to help.

Eemax is leading the evolution of hot water with cutting-edge technology that provides consistent hot water. It is our mission to drive the progression of efficiency maximized by developing advanced tankless electric hot water heating solutions. We are empowering professionals with trusted and versatile products that can accommodate a multitude of installation scenarios. Today, Eemax products are delivering energy-efficient hot water for restaurants, schools, manufacturing facilities, commercial restrooms, laundries, breweries, medical facilities, and more. Wherever hot water is needed—Eemax has the solutions—making us America’s #1 choice for tankless electric water heaters.

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