Eemax proudly pronounces our personal commitment to understand, meet, and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through continuous improvement of all our processes. Eemax sales support team is here to assist you with your electric water heater questions and concerns. We are here to help you no matter what your need may be, from trouble shooting, to checking the status of an order, to selecting the ideal heater for your application.


The first thing to do is to call Eemax Technical Support at 800-543-6163. A friendly service technician will be happy to help you identify the problem and get your heater back in operation. Please have your model number and serial number available when you call so we can properly identify your unit and assist you in diagnosis and repair.

YES! Mineral buildup is typically not a concern with an Eemax tankless hot water heater. Water is moved through the heating chamber with a high level of turbulence which ‘scrubs’ the interior every time you use it! In addition, Eemax tankless water heaters do not store water, so mineral and calcium build-up will be significantly reduced. Turbulent water flushes the system heating chamber every time the heater is turned on.

Eemax heaters are fully certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and T&P valves are not required for tankless water heaters. You should consult your local codes for their specific regulations.

An Eemax heater is designed to provide a temperature rise over the supplied inlet temperature. That temperature rise is directly rated to the model number (kW rating), inlet temperature, and GPM flow rate. Please refer to our installation guides and specification sheets to review the performance your model will provide. After review you determine the water heater is still not performing properly, please refer to the trouble shooting section of the installation manual or contact technical support for assistance.

Eemax residential tankless water heaters have an external temperature display and push button controls. If the water is too hot, use the down arrow on the display to lower the temperature setting. You can also review the manual for specific how to instructions. Typically, a residential water heater should be set at a temperature no greater than 120°F.

All Eemax tankless heaters are designed for a hardwired installation. The wiring is permanently installed to the heater at installation. The use of a plug & cord to install the Eemax heater is not permitted.

A tankless water heater has no storage tank and is activated only when there is a demand for hot water. A tank heater keeps the water hot 24 hours a day whether you use it or not. Tankless water heaters also provide unlimited hot water as there is no stored capacity to run out. Because there is no storage, the physical size of a tankless heater is much smaller allowing you to install the heater much closer to the application.

  • Compact size – can be installed at point of use, saving space and providing hot water instantly.
  • Ruggedly designed for decades of reliable operation
  • Saves money – only consumes energy when hot water is needed for up to 50% savings
  • Endless hot water – never run out of hot water again.

In virtually all cases, YES! The greatest savings will occur when replacing an oversized electric tank (80 gallons) in a home with minimal hot water demand.

Think about your typical hot water usage: 10 to 12 minutes in the shower, a few minutes with the bathroom lavatory, washing the dishes or running the dishwasher after dinner and the occasional load of laundry on ‘hot’ and you quickly see there isn’t a lot of hot water demand in a typical day. BUT – your hot water tank has to be ready – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. All the energy spent on keeping the water in the tank hot is wasted energy. The Eemax heater only turns on when there is a hot water demand and instantaneously heats water to meet that demand… and no more. When there is no hot water demand, there is no hot water expense!

In addition, no hot water tank means never running out of hot water again! When properly sized, the Eemax Tankless hot water heater makes all the hot water you need on demand.

If your Eemax heater is sized properly for your application – YES! View the “What’s Right For Me?” page for our sizing guide to select the right Eemax heater for you.

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